JDT Spelling

December 01, 2015

Spelling for Java names using JDT.

When working in teams, spelling mistakes in code can cause problems for your colleagues, making it difficult to find the correct classes and often causes wasted time finding the code or, even worse, re-writing it. These are hard to spot at review time as the tools don’t look for such errors.

This plugin uses the Java Model provided by JDT to infer the naming style and split it up in to words and check the spelling. It assumes that real words are being used within the Java names, but allows for ignoring words and adding words to the dictionary, so you can choose your own definition of an allowed word. It also allows the checking to be turned off for local variables, where the naming rules are often less adhered too.

It uses the Google Java Style Guide, that is CamelCase for types and variables, UNDERSCORE_SEPARATED for constants and dot.separated for package names.

Screenshots and Usage

Incorrect spellings are marked in the editor interface

Click on the word and press Ctrl+1 (quick fix) to give suggested corrections. These use JDT refactoring to correct all references. refactor

You can add words to User or Ignored dictionaries which are stored in the workspace or in files specified in the preferences. Ignored words are not used for suggestions.

Local variables can also be checked by selecting in preferences local


Install from the eclipse marketplace http://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/jdt-spelling or use the p2 repository; from within eclipse paste


in Help -> Install New Software … Dialog.

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