July 22, 2016

A remix of Redux for Java.

We really like Redux, and Flux in general, as it makes your application state very easy to reasonable. All your meaningful application state exists in one shared place and that helps decouple components from the data they require. We aren’t going to introduce Redux and Flux here again because they are very well documented on their own sites.

Typically you use the Flux/Redux pattern for UI - specially redux itself is a Javascript library - but we’ve found it useful for any project where you have a series of components which need to react to global state. As an example we have a web server application with an API to controlling services. We keep the state of the controlled services in a Redux store. How does that help? It means that each API call can reason about what they can and can’t do based on the global state. What’s the alternative? Each API call would need to ask other services what state they are in and try and piece the puzzle together themselves - that’s a lot of duplicated code and spread out logic.

Since we don’t tend to use Javascript outside the browser, we recreated our beloved Redux in Java.

But we’ve added a few Java twists, since Java isn’t Javascript!

There’s lot more info in the README

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