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Services we offer

Bespoke Software

We will take time to understand your problem and craft a software solution fit for your needs and your budget. We specialise in integrating the best of breed open source technologies to allow rapid development and minimal duplication of effort.


We create proof of concepts, software demonstrators and functional prototypes to help derisk large software projects and advise on investment in new technologies. We’ve shown the path for our customers to get the most from natural language processing, machine learning and big data analytics.

Data Analytics

Having built many big data applications we can help you turn your data into actionable intelligence with machine learning, search and visualisation. Give your users/customers/analysts the data they need in a form they can act on.

Why us?





We have a simple process that is focused on delivery, we believe that if software is not deployed it is dead.


We can bring your application to mobile devices, with native apps for Android and iOS.


We are experts in micro service architecture, containerization and cloud deployments at scale.


Automated testing, code analysis and continuous integration, deployment and improvement are the principles of our development practice.

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Chris Flatley

The Boss

Stuart Hendren

The Dr

Jon Elliot

UI Guy

Steve Taylor

Java Guru

Matt Copas

The DevOps Ninja

We are ex-mathematicians looking for real world problems to solve. With 15 years experience in creating bespoke software we've built everything from small tools to cloud based enterprise applications, for government, corporations and startups.


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